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"It is so great throughout the year to be able to rely on Danielle with all of our tax and finance questions. She knows the complexities of the new tax changes, and has helped us understand how to optimize our financial situation with kids, mortgage, jobs, businesses, and more. She is always responsive with questions. I am constantly learning from her, and she helps me make decisions throughout the year. She is one of the best!"

-Kathy Evans, Arlington, MA

"Danielle has been doing my taxes since 2012 and I could not be happier with work she does and the customer service she provides. Every year she finds ways to save maximize my returns, and never hesitates to answer - in great detail - any question I throw her way. It is clear that saving people money is something Danielle is sincerely passionate about. Tax season becomes much less stressful knowing Danielle has my back!"

-Joseph Dezmin, Seattle, WA

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